How Do I Qualify?
If you have...

Intellectual disabilities, autism, or related disabilities:

Call 1-800-289-7012
to talk to South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Intellectual Disabilities/Related Disabilities Information and Referral.

A head or spinal cord injury:

Call 1-866-867-3864
to talk to South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs Head and Spinal Cord Injury Division Information and Referral.

These toll free lines are staffed during normal business hours; however, messages can be left anytime with calls returned in the next two business days.

If you are determined appropriate for formal consideration, you will be offered a choice of Service Coordination Providers. York County Board of Disabilities is a Service Coordination Provider.

Once you choose York County Board of Disabilities, call 803-628-5999 and we will begin the process of connecting you with the services that you need.

We have provided service coordination services for over 20 years and have knowledgeable and dedicated Service Coordinators waiting to assist you.

Service Coordination

If chosen as your provider, we will assign a Service Coordinator to assist you with the intake and eligibility process. This process includes gathering medical, educational records and social history to determine the onset and severity of the disability in which you are applying for services. The Service Coordinator will submit these documents on your behalf to the state office for eligibility determination.

If determined eligible for services, your Service Coordinator will send information to SCDDSN who then will determine which level of Service Coordination services best meets your identified needs.

Level I Service Coordination is the most intensive level of service coordination services. Level I services includes annual assessment and plan development and bimonthly contacts to assist and monitor needs and services.

Level II Service Coordination is not as needs intensive. An annual plan is not developed and level of contact will be determined by you. You will be asked to initiate contact letting your Service Coordinator know that you require assistance.

If you have any questions about Service Coordination Services, please contact us at 803-628-5999 or send a question to the Service Coordination Department.