The York County Board of Disabilities operates and supports both directly and indirectly.

Direct Supports include residential programs, vocational programs, adult activity centers, early intervention, respite, companion and service coordination.

Indirectly, the York County Board authorizes services such as personal care aides, durable medical supplies, LPN and RN nursing services, assistive technology, intensive behavioral support and environmental  and vehicle modifications.

These services are funded through specialized Medicaid Waivers. There are over 300 individuals who are currently participating in a waiver here in York County. There are extensive state-wide waiting lists for all four of these specialized waivers. Your service coordinator can tell you how to get on these waiting lists.

For those individuals who are not Waiver participants, there is a small amount of state and local funds to help with a limited amount of respite, assistive technology, incontinence supplies or other items identified by the family as a need. You must have been found eligible for services and go through the application process for these funds. Please ask your service coordinator for information regarding your need for family support funds.